Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, the Wiccan priestess, born to Indian Royalty. She pushed boundaries in India when she announced that she was a witch in 1986.


This beauty features a hennaed hand on translucent milk glass, and transparent teal glass sleeve with 24 k gold details. She dangles a sacred eye encased in aged brass and tin solder.  Everything is hand painted, kiln fired, finished in solder, with a hanger at the top. We love this displayed in an old empty frame (this frame not included, but you can thrift these lovlies).


**Why mendhi speaks to me? When I was 8 or 9, I spent a summer in the Sudan in a tiny town called Barakat. There, I met a local girl who was getting ready for a wedding, and she covered my hands in this incredible design work. My elders were none too pleased, at the time, but I was elated to have such beautiful work on my skin. My skin! She was sweet, gentle and talented, and a great cook --there is a fava bean dish she made that I will never forget and have tried to replicate. When I returned to my 3rd grade class in small town America, I was ostericized and taunted. When I see instagram full of vixens sporting their mendhi, there is a part of me that feels, well, many things. and I smile. 


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