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The Hand of Mary Easty, my ancestor from Salem.  She was accused of witchery, along with her sister, Rebecca Nurse. Both were executed in 1692, and exonerated less than 20 years later. Our family was paid $28.18 by the government in 1711 when she was declared innocent. When I was younger, we used to go to Rebecca Nurse's house, which is a museum, for a Strawberry Shortcake Festival. Which is a little weird, but how I learned all about the Salem Witch Trials, back before google.


*** This peice has lots of hidden little details to look for-- the markings on her hand are a combination of nature symbols, and the symbols on the salem Witch Trial Memorial. On each of her finger tips you will see faint finger prints, which are mine, a sort of connection by genes, matching mine to hers. Lastly, the inside of her cuff has gold stripes. A bit before the trials, gold thread was decreed off limits, as a plague of European Decadence. In the age old story, the only people who had to adhere to the rules, were commoners, and although the Puritanical village of Salem probably didn't go in for much glitz, rich or poor, I like to think my great+ grandmother would have the cheek to hide some gold thread in her cuff, just for her.


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