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Marie  Laveau's Hand incorporated Carnivale patterns and colors with witches tears and the Cicada symbol of rebirth. Measuring 15 inches long and 8 inches at it's widest part, this hand will bring protection to your house



Marie Laveau was a New Orleans based Voodoo Practioner, midwife and herbalist. First freeborn in her family, she rose in the ranks of New Orleans society, had two husbands and nine children. She  was an ardent Catholic, but also practiced Voodoo, or Voudou, which at it's core is a religion of protection. People flocked to her for gris-gris bags, advice, protection and blessings.  As she began to age, she is said to have passed her clothes and name onto her daughter Marie the Second, whose likeness to her mother gave rise to tales that Marie stayed young forever. She passed at 79, but her legacy remains visible throughout New Orleans.




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