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NOTES: Fruity Mulberry and Black Pepper

This is a flirty, fruity little number, something to help you get your sass on.


When I was 6, I made a wish on my springtime birthday cake that we would have snow up to our roof, which was a very high 2 stories. That following winter, we had a blizzard that shut Massachusettes down for 3 weeks, AND, snow up to our roof. Since then, I have believed, quite faithfully, in the power of a Candle Wish!


We designed the Eye Candle jars with 3 simple scents, soy wax, and hem wicks. We also designed these hand enameled jars to be reusable after you burn your candle down, with no branding or wording to distract from a pretty piece of glass! Perfect for your desk pens, or to put on a home altar. And be sure to make a wish!


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