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Inspired by the extraordinary facial reconstruction work of Sculptors like Anna Coleman Ladd in Paris after the first world war, in which she created parts of the face in enamel and tin for disfigured soldiers to wear as they rejoined the general population. These replacement faces were fashioned with eyeglass arms that fit over the ears to hold them in place. 


Our exploration of this strange and touching art form first had us sculpting the face parts in wax. Then a plaster mold was created from that sculpture and the wax was steamed out.  White glass was then slumped into each mold at high kiln temperatures. After that, the usual LPR skills were put to good use with hand mixed, kiln fired glass paints and clever soldering to create this odd homage to a dark but beautiful moment in art.


***Our exploration of this strange and touching art form is sculpture, and meant to be on display, rather than put to use. 


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